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When we open our eyes with gratitude the world is filled with light
Time, through which life passes is a divine freedom empowering us now
Eternity is in our heart, calling us home
When we let time go, time is ours
When we listen to the silence of the moment we hear the deep desires and longings of our heart
We are reborn each day, into a new time with a new opportunity to respond to yesterdays difficulties
When we live in the moment we live in and out of time
Eternity is the overcoming of time by the now that does not pass away
We enter into the now in our most alive moments when time stands still
We do not own time, gain or save it. All we can do is live it.
We cannot reach the now if we think of it in a chronological way
Mindfulness is an inner structure, sensitized to the now
Setting aside our day we enter serenity
To live from the heart is to love fully
Truth comes in pairs of opposites
When we let time go, time is ours
Our destiny is here, it is now
In giving we are replenished
To be full we must be empty
Gratitude always gives more
The child in us never dies
Life is about moments
There is another way to live in this noisy, distracted world and it is not as out of reach as it may seem
Neighbourliness: a sacred gift in a torn world
We all long to feel real, yet we fear it. We run away even as we are irresistibly drawn to it
A life of love is a choice we make
Life is about giving and receiving, moment by moment
Our humanity calls us in our poverty to make the world a better place
Courage, a gift of the heart: It opens us to experience, stirs us to compassion, and frees our creativity
Living with integrity, we bring body, mind and spirit into everything
Living life is not automatic: we must choose to live it
The beginning and end of our journey is finding our true self
Life is simple and serene when it is lived from the heart with integrity
Our unlived lives, our undreamt dreams, our greatest loss is the life we allow die while we live
When I know that enough is enough I will have enough always
In learning not to fear uncertainty, we discover inner strength
Every step on our journey is a return to the beginning
Our search is ongoing, our journey unfinished
The more we discover the more we have to learn
Memories are our greatest treasure, always present in any space, in every place
Joy comes in little whispers in sudden unexpected glimpses
Maturity combines the fresh enthusiasm of youth with the wisdom of age
When we acknowledge another with full and unconditional attention we meet ourselves
Life is a series of experiences through which we can come to know our true selves
Surrendering completely to sound we discover sacred stillness
The material world is our way to contact divine life, every tiny little bit of it, a glimpse into the soul of eternity
A flower opening to morning light, closing as the light fades: a daily miracle
Nature: we are part of it, living it, breathing it. It is part of us, encompassing us, holding us in its heart
The bounty of the universe begins with the gift of life.
The journey of the river is like the journey of the soul feeding itself from its own source
Standing on the shore part of the rhythm of the tide. Each wave a giving and a taking, impermanence dissolving into permanence
Creation speaks to our hearts when we listen
Snow - a painted landscape calling me to stillness
Each dawn a genesis, a new beginning, a resurrection, a promise
Moments of stillness, moments of silence, connect us with the whole of life
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