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Only here in this moment, is the mystery of now
Time does not run out. It rises as water in a well, to fullness
With every gift comes opportunities: Enjoying them to the full, we rejoice in the gift of being alive
The harvest of our lives is already within
When we face challenges we find meaning
Unlike other creatures, we struggle to become who we are, as we experience ourselves unfinished
The world is ever being created, each of us in the making as each moment we are transformed in love
Work dignifies our every day, enabling what is unlived in us to flower
Divine joy is in us, given to us out of love, being born in us anew each day
It is in responding with a full heart – we experience joy
Life fuelling the universe, always flowing into us, blessing us, flowing through us, blessing others
In accepting the inevitability of death we discover a new way of living
The earth speaks in magic – rainbows and waterfalls - speak to the heart
The treasures of the earth are free and full of surprises
Darkness before dawn pregnant with light
The last darkness of night dissipates, the sun bursts over the horizon – every day a new miracle – rarely experienced, yet always there
Growth happens in the fertile darkness where the rain falls and the seed opens no matter how many trample overhead
Growth happens in the fertile darkness where the rain falls and the seed opens no matter how many trample overhead
Morning, birth of colour, leaf and flower newly risen, out of the night, out of the earth, leaving the darkness without regret
Morning, birth of colour, leaf and flower newly risen, out of the night, out of the earth, leaving the darkness without regret
Moving out of darkness into light, a moment neither dark nor light, a time to delight
In stillness a flower blooms, in stillness it fades away
Living in the moment ensures we experience life
Listening to the small voice within we discover the person we are called to be, in our being, in our delightful uniqueness
Many of us become what others tell us we are
When we accept our own foolishness we find true happiness
We enjoy others when we enjoy ourselves, when we enjoy ourselves we are wise
We are strong when we embrace our weaknesses, we are teachers when we can be taught
Truth comes in pairs of opposites
Creation, always becoming, always being shaped, never complete
As long as other people are on their own side of the wall we are safe and secure in our blindness
Accepting the mystery of our being, not proving it, being it, we become the self we were born to be
A life taken for granted never knows joy
At the core of our being we are all one, as we touch and are touched by each other
Joy is ours when we do what we really want to do in freedom and integrity of heart
Aware or unaware we create our own solutions, our own reality by choice or by chance
Joy cannot be organised, cannot be planned, we need only desire it, seek it and it finds us
When we are challenged to stay on the road, not to turn back, to trust our inner wisdom, we touch that sacred space within
Time in the evening connecting with ourselves and the splendour of the universe, we are transformed
With gratitude we make peace with our world and everything in our life
The way of truth tests our heart, examines our motivation, challenges our commitment, and always bears fruit
As a musician, athlete, dancer benefit through the discipline of routine so we too with a daily spiritual routine will unfold and blossom with vitality, joy and sensitivity
Giving thanks, we become less concerned with what is missing, more focused on sharing what we have
Being mindful, giving thanks for what is given we bring to mind what otherwise might go unnoticed
Accepting without understanding, honouring differences, finding unity in diversity, we move into truth
Learning to accept and live with polarities, tensions, paradoxes and contradictions is the secret to wholeness
Night-time – examining the day, being grateful, forgiving, confronting our fears, looking back, we lean forward
Patient waiting in silence teaches us to believe in ourselves and transform problems into possibilities
In living with questions, we learn to wait for answers
In letting go we learn to live with ambiguity
In practicing awareness we learn to take possession of ourselves
In detachment from things we are free from small-mindedness
The silence of the night invites us to detach ourselves from the possession of the day entrusting it entrusting and ourselves to the freedom of our God
Our spiritual journey – the greatest human adventure
The purpose of this day is to discover and accept who we are and what we are called to be
Learning to trust ourselves, following our deepest desires, exploring the recesses of our heart we become whole
Our purpose this day is not finding security and certainty, it is discovering the very best that is within us
A day lived in unity with nature is a day flowing in the eternal interconnectedness of creation
Being alive is sufficient proof that we are essential to all creation, to all time
No one lives by chance, everyone, everything has a purpose, a part to play in the grand design that is creation
The wise composer allows music to crescendo, reach a climax and then – pause, rest, silence, nothing. In the silence, we hear the music.
Silence embraced, truth and beauty become visible
Pondering in our hearts creation’s story, surrendering to the rhythms of the day and the night we savour the now
Realising our potential our gifts shine out as blessings
There is never a moment that isn’t an opportunity to make space for the new by letting go of the old
Aspiring to good, we inspire others to goodness
Each dawn a gift, moving out of darkness into light
Mortality reminding us to do what we do well, happily, joyfully, freely, living in the now
Before turning on the computer, opening the door, getting into the car, answering the phone, let us stop, pause and breathe, mindfully
Opening to our inner self frees us to trust each new moment in time
Setting aside our day we enter serenity
Receptivity – a condition of the night, a reminder of the often unrecognised virtue of lives lived in dependency, of lives lived in the service of others
Life is about moments
Before we sleep, gathering up all the days contradictions, knitting together what is broken – a healing experience
When the challenges of the day overwhelm us, it reminds us to stop, calls us to reflect, to catch our breath, to make space, to find joy, to take rest, find strength in the moment
Each morning blesses us with time and space to be attentive to all that is new this day
Prayer is an opening of the heart that takes us beyond our limited rational mind, beyond the ego, the separate self, into the transcendent mystery
Preserving the silence within amid all the noise and clatter of life, we grow into our true selves
Forgiveness is a taste of divine grace – pure gift
When we are too busy to be still, our ears and eyes are open only to projects and plans, missing the wonder of the moment
Silently listening to our breathing, we are intimately at one with the life breath of the universe
We are one, you and I, bound together in a covenant of peace, ringed around in a circle of love
You are always in and around me, always sheltering me, but it is only in awareness that I experience you
Stillness accepts noise, moves beneath it, to an inner silence
Prayer is never a private matter. It is always inclusive, it is opening our hearts to the universe
Peace is found not only in the desert or in some remote and silent monastery but in tumult of the market place and the pulse of the human heart
This is how we learn to be still: by sitting quietly, facing fear with trust, listening to our own depth, allowing the dawn to rise out of the night
Prayer is not working or straining the mind; it is a simple matter of opening the heart
When I stop I find you, when I look I see you, when I listen I hear you
Prayer changes us and in changing us it changes the world
Sitting still, trying not to try, wanting not to want, not setting our heart on anything, we discover inner peace
Prayer is attuning ourselves to the flow of life
Joy is an experience of losing ourselves, of being emptied of self
Little deaths accepted bring new life and inner peace
In meditation we let go of everything - the outer world of the senses, the inner world of thought - and listen to the still voice within
Living is letting go: The mother lets go of her child so that the child can enter fully into life
Learning to be present to the present - serenity
Death is the way into the divine presence, the resolution of a lifetime of wonder and waiting
Life is a river if we learn to let go , not clinging to the banks, going with the flow, it carries us, it bears us up in trust
To let go, to be able to stand and leave everything behind without looking back, is to say yes to inner freedom
Night completes the circle of the hours as death completes the circle of life
When we accept our weakness everything changes. The mirage of control disappears and our weakness becomes our strength
When we live a detached life, pretending to be something we are not, we can live at ease with ourselves
Indecision, holding back, standing on the edge of fear, breeds insecurity
If we learn to let go during life we will be able to die easily
The less we have, the easier it is to appreciate
Entering into the night we return into the silence that is the dark soil in which we are rooted
Absorbed in ourselves, unaware of what life is offering, we are enable to receive the joys of the moment, the gifts of the day
We can overcome our fear only by letting go of it
Ours in the choice: to live in trust or to live in fear
In letting go of life, we discover new life
We can only take with us when we die what we let go when we are alive
Letting go of the compulsion to be successful, to be right, to be in control, to be powerful, is the only way to freedom
To be full, we must be empty
In stillness I notice people around me, who they are, who I am, where we are going, how we journey together
When we hear the stillness in the heart of the world, all creation becomes our companion
When we journey with awareness, each event is unique, each step is the first step
Without love justice is realism, hope is self-centredness, forgiveness is self-abasement, generosity is extravagance
Tomorrow is the enemy of today, for we cannot be tomorrow what we can be today
As we connect, reconnect and interconnect our lives are woven into unity
This is one of the basic law of life: live only what we give, who we are
Music arises out of silence into which it inevitably flows
Whenever anyone responds with love or kindness, wherever anyone seeks truth, peace or justice, there God is
It takes courage to follow the deepest desires of our heart, to say no to other peoples plans for us, to leave other voices behind and to say yes to the quiet still voice calling from within
Living by measurement, achievement, attainment, ambition, goals, expectations, we forget when enough is enough
The spiritual life is a life of love, a life of giving and receiving. It is never a solo act
We are infinitely more than we imagine, infinitely greater than out mind
Awake, aware, beyond thought, pure presence - stillness
The soul is that place in us where love and light, joy and peace, truth and beauty abide
Only in stillness do we hear truth. Only through stillness do we understand truth. Only out of stillness do we speak truth
Beauty is found in solitude, in nature and in the unfolding of the human heart
Absorbed in lighting a candle, watching the flame flickering, we enter into the stillness of the small circle of light
Dignity is never diminished by indifference or ill will
At birth, we are given an angel, a gift of courage. All we need to know is that it is there
Every moment is given, every moment a gift
Gratefulness is being surprised by the ordinary
The child in us never dies
A grateful heart is a heart filled with joy
When we allow surprise to flow in our lives, we take nothing for granted.
At the core of our being is emptiness and fullness , nothingness and everything, there dwells the divine
Gratitude always gives more
Giving and receiving are one in gratitude: we cannot give thanks for what we have not taken to heart
Believing what is not seen, seeing what is not visible, knowing the limits of our life we give thanks
When we open our eyes with gratitude the world is filled with light
Time, through which life passes is a divine freedom empowering us now
Eternity is in our heart, calling us home
When we let time go, time is ours
When we listen to the silence of the moment we hear the deep desires and longings of our heart
We are reborn each day, into a new time with a new opportunity to respond to yesterdays difficulties
When we live in the moment we live in and out of time
Eternity is the overcoming of time by the now that does not pass away
We enter into the now in our most alive moments when time stands still
We do not own time, gain or save it. All we can do is live it.
We cannot reach the now if we think of it in a chronological way
Mindfulness is an inner structure, sensitized to the now
Setting aside our day we enter serenity
To live from the heart is to love fully
Truth comes in pairs of opposites
When we let time go, time is ours
Our destiny is here, it is now
In giving we are replenished
To be full we must be empty
Gratitude always gives more
The child in us never dies
Life is about moments
There is another way to live in this noisy, distracted world and it is not as out of reach as it may seem
Neighbourliness: a sacred gift in a torn world
We all long to feel real, yet we fear it. We run away even as we are irresistibly drawn to it
A life of love is a choice we make
Life is about giving and receiving, moment by moment
Our humanity calls us in our poverty to make the world a better place
Courage, a gift of the heart: It opens us to experience, stirs us to compassion, and frees our creativity
Living with integrity, we bring body, mind and spirit into everything
Living life is not automatic: we must choose to live it
The beginning and end of our journey is finding our true self
Life is simple and serene when it is lived from the heart with integrity
Our unlived lives, our undreamt dreams, our greatest loss is the life we allow die while we live
When I know that enough is enough I will have enough always
In learning not to fear uncertainty, we discover inner strength
Every step on our journey is a return to the beginning
Our search is ongoing, our journey unfinished
The more we discover the more we have to learn
Memories are our greatest treasure, always present in any space, in every place
Joy comes in little whispers in sudden unexpected glimpses
Maturity combines the fresh enthusiasm of youth with the wisdom of age
When we acknowledge another with full and unconditional attention we meet ourselves
Life is a series of experiences through which we can come to know our true selves
Surrendering completely to sound we discover sacred stillness
The material world is our way to contact divine life, every tiny little bit of it, a glimpse into the soul of eternity
A flower opening to morning light, closing as the light fades: a daily miracle
Nature: we are part of it, living it, breathing it. It is part of us, encompassing us, holding us in its heart
The bounty of the universe begins with the gift of life.
The journey of the river is like the journey of the soul feeding itself from its own source
Standing on the shore part of the rhythm of the tide. Each wave a giving and a taking, impermanence dissolving into permanence
Creation speaks to our hearts when we listen
Snow - a painted landscape calling me to stillness
Each dawn a genesis, a new beginning, a resurrection, a promise
Moments of stillness, moments of silence, connect us with the whole of life
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