Citizens Information Services - Report Launch

(13 Jul 2017)

PRESS RELEASE: Thursday 13 July 2017

Unnecessary complexity making access to public services impenetrable – Sr Stan

Information from the Citizens Information Services (CIS) must be used to better inform public sector policy-making, said campaigner Sr Stanislaus Kennedy today (13.07.17). Speaking at the launch of the latest CIS report, ‘Making an Impact: The Public Value of Citizens Information Services in Ireland’, Sr Stanislaus called on the Government to pay closer heed to the information collected and use it to improve public service provision by dispensing with unnecessary red tape.

Sr Stanislaus Kennedy, founder and Board member, Immigrant Council of Ireland, said, “The latest report from the Citizens Information Services (CIS), ‘Making an Impact: The Public Value of Citizens Information Services in Ireland’, is a rich resource for anyone working in public sector policy and law making, and must be valued as such. Situated in the heart of communities across the State, information from the CIS is a useful barometer for anyone working in public services. It clearly identifies the types of challenges people face trying to access public services and in doing so, provides the seeds for solutions.

“What stands out in this report is just how impenetrable our structures and systems are. This impenetrability is causing daily anguish to people who are simply trying to deal with everyday life events – accessing a public service like healthcare or adult education, dealing with bereavement or managing their finances.

“We all know life is difficult enough without adding unnecessary layers of complexity. I would urge all policy and law makers to use the wealth of knowledge gathered by the CIS to inform their own work and remove all unnecessary red tape.

“The CIS staff, many of whom are volunteers, work tirelessly every day, providing support to thousands of people every week. We have a duty to respect this expertise and listen to what is has to say regarding public service provision.”


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