Mindfulness - How to find calm in a hectic city

(13 Oct 2015)

It had been an eventful early-morning cycle from my home in Rathmines to the Sanctuary's front door in Stoneybatter. Tousling with bleary-eyed pedestrians, commuters and cyclists who appeared to be in some Hunger Games-style race with each other left me agitated. Deadlines and meetings are looming, plenty of life admin lies ahead for the day, and a to-do list - laundry, buying baby presents, groceries - races like a ticker tape across my mind.

I arrived into the Sanctuary meditation centre - founded by Sr Stanislaus Kennedy in 1998 - sweaty, breathless and pretty much ready to pick a fight with my own shadow. But there's something about stepping across the Sanctuary's threshold that is instantly calming.

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