New book by Sr. Stan

(02 Dec 2016)



Mindful Meditations for Every Day 

Sr Stan presents us with this little gem of a book, filled with meditations and reflections based on her own life and her role as a mentor in mindfulness.

Mindful Meditations for Every Day (Columba Press 2016) carries the reader through the calendar year, with daily meditations, mindfulness exercises and scripture for each month. The book can act both as a guide to the practice of mindfulness and as a source of daily inspiration. Sometimes the stress of daily life can become overwhelming and it can be difficult to step back and take a breath. This book teaches the art of being aware, present and grounded. By learning how to focus and be mindful of simple things, such as the breath or the senses, the reader will learn how to relax and simply be in the present moment.

Mindful Meditations for Every Day is essential for any reader who wants to benefit from the wisdom and spiritual know-how of Sr Stan.

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