Sr Stan launches DIT's Student Volunteer resource

(26 Apr 2017) is a new online platform for Student Volunteering that will make it easy for students to seek and find volunteering opportunities across the city, the country and even the world.

Students will be able to find roles that will suit their skills, exercise their strengths and benefit their career, while being able to record their contribution to evidence their work and apply for awards.

Many community groups, charities and NGO’s depend on the invaluable contribution of volunteers, and volunteering will in turn benefit students’ future career, expand their relationships and be a rewarding experience

Sr. Stan offered an inspiring keynote address about the importance of volunteering and how students can make a positive difference in our society. Sr. Stan informed the students that to volunteer is to “Give from your self, to give from your substance”. She spoke of the benefits volunteering has on an individual’s personal development and their future careers and relationships.

Sr. Stan was also awarded their first inaugural “Social Justice Hero” award on the evening in recognition of her impactful work in supporting Ireland’s most vulnerable by the DIT student volunteering committee

The event was closed by Dublin’s own High-Hopes Choir, a choir made up of singers that have overcome the adversity of homelessness. Their singing and message of hope was a fitting close to an event that marks the hopeful involvement of students and young people in community involvement, volunteering and serving others. 

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