the Sanctuarys 7th Annual Conference

(09 May 2016)

The Heart of Caring Conference, Tuesday May 10th, Dublin Castle, 9am-4pm. Cost €110 (includes light lunch).

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The Sanctuary's 7th Annual Conference will explore how you can prevent stress and burnout at work and at home, by building resilience and cultivating self-compassion. It will explore how compassion allows us to use our own pain and our witness of the pain as a vehicle for connection rather than isolation.

The conference will be opened by Sr Stanislaus Kennedy, Founder of the Sanctuary, in Dublin Castle, on Tuesday 10th May 2016.  Sharon Salzberg, world renowned Mindfulness teacher and New York Times bestselling author will be the keynote speaker.
"We will explore how cultivating self-compassion can be a stable foundation to prevent burnout and stress", says Sr Stan.    "The Conference will be of particular interest to people working in the caring professions - social care, healthcare and the criminal justice system, as well as carers at home. Delegates will get opportunities to practice self-compassion and mindfulness."
"We are delighted to welcome Sharon Salzberg to Ireland", continues Sr Stan. "She has done ground-breaking work with the Garrison Institute [a retreat and contemplative centre in New York] developing self-care programmes for staff in Women's Refuges.   
Here at home, frontline staff are experiencing stress and burnout in their jobs in our poorly resourced social services. They are working with people who are struggling with homelessness, with poverty, addiction and with mental health issues. If we are to be a truly caring society, we must ensure that we have the services people need and that people working in the services have the supports they need to do their job. One support - and it's only one support - is to provide people with the means to be more self-compassionate and therefore more resilient. Self-compassionate people are people who are better able to cope with the pressures of stressful situations."  Sr Stan concludes.

Other speakers include Niamh Bruce, a Mindfulness Teacher who is a parent and also a full-time carer of her own parent & Kathleen Neenan - Assistant Professor, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College, and Mindfulness and Self Compassion teacher.

The Heart of Caring Conference, Tuesday May 10th, Dublin Castle, 9am-4pm. Cost €110 (includes light lunch). Click here for more info and to book. Tel.: 01 6705417 Email:

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