Sr. Stan brings Indian Ashram to Ireland

(17 Jun 2016)


14th June 2016

“There is only so much we can take in before we need to stop and take stock.”

The prospect of visiting an Ashram in India has been growing in popularity during these busy times. It seems more and more people are looking for meaning in life, work and in relationships and for a way of slowing down and finding simplicity.  Thanks to renowned social campaigner Sr Stan people can now sample the Indian Ashram experience here in Ireland as part of an innovative offering by The Sanctuary, the mindfulness and meditation centre she founded in 1988.  

An Ashram is a place where people of any faith, gender or nationality can stay and practice meditation and yoga, and take an inward journey under guidance to help reconnect with themselves and their spirituality. Spending time at an Ashram can offer solitude, peace, and time out in community to reflect while also benefiting from various spiritual teachings in a setting that is close to nature.

Ashrams are hugely popular in places like India and Sri Lanka. For the past few years Sr Stan has been working with an Indian priest called Fr Korko Moses to offer the experience in the stunning setting of the Stella Maris convent looking out over the cliffs of Howth, Co. Dublin. Fr. Moses lives in India where he founded, Dhyanavanam, an Ashram inspired by Christian & Eastern spiritual traditions.

According to Sr Stan, the Ashram is open to people of all faiths, religions, and those who are not faith orientated. “This is about contemplation and meditation. I have faith but that does not mean that others should follow me. An Ashram experience is an opportunity for all people to ask the deep and meaningful questions of life. They can allow their own answers to unfold whatever they may be.”

“We are finding now that young people these days are more aware and they are coming too. There is a great mix of people. There is very little time in our lives to reflect these days. Reflection and spirituality are needed so that human beings can develop wisdom. They are also life skills that need attention so as to nurture them. It is powerful when people come together to practice and to live simply. It reinforces our ability to process and make sense of our lives. There is only so much we can take in before we need to stop and take stock.”

The Ashram starts on the evening of Thursday June 30th and runs until Saturday July 30th. A 5 day residential costs €400, a 3 day residential costs €255 and a limited number of 1 day places are available for €55.

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