A new beauty appears as the garden fills with colour. Flowers open, leaves unfurl and trees start to put on their full summer foliage. Each day brings something new, especially in the perennial beds, and the gardener is busy indeed, feeding, watering, staking, mowing and nurturing the lawn, and dealing with the abundance of weeds and the surge of life among the garden pests who have found a foothold for themselves in the warming earth.

If the gardener is not careful, there will scarcely be time to enjoy it all, there is so much to be done to keep pace with nature’s summer abundance. It is important to take time between tasks simply to sit and wonder, to take a cup of tea or a cool summer drink out to the garden and just sit and stare and experience the beauty and the joy of it.

These months, with their long, busy days and languorous evenings, are the time to tune in also to the beauty of our lives and to discover the joy there is in loving with grateful hearts

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