The Sanctuary's 31 Day Meditation Challenge

(25 Sep 2023)

The Sanctuary is marking World Mental Health Day on October 10th with a 31 Day Meditation Challenge commence on Sunday October 1st.

This year, the challenge invites us to spend 10 minutes a day with the practice of mindfulness as a means of looking after ourselves, looking after each other and connecting in with the earth.  We feel that 10 minutes a day will act as a spring- board into embedding meditation into your daily life.

These meditations have been recorded by The Sanctuary’s experienced Mindfulness and Meditation Teachers, including Sr. Stan Kennedy, Dr Tony Bates, Jane Negrych, Mary Jennings, Barry Lee,  Dominic Cogan, and more.

You will receive an email with one 10 minute meditation each day to watch, listen to and download.  You decide on the time and the place that suits you.

Feeling inspired and up to the challenge? Make sure to join us as we celebrate World Mental Health Day through our 31-day meditation challenge!

The 31 Day Challenge will begin on Sunday October 1st and you can enrol today with your donation




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